The New Year begins

The year kicked off with a great catch up on all the doings over the Christmas New Year break, and our AGM. Roles will remain ISQ, and there are decisions yet to be made regarding our 2019 Challenge and our 2020 exhibition.

Show and Tell :

What people were working on:


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November: Windows on Moreton deadline

So we didn’t get our windows finished….. some did….. Jan, Di, Ryl, and Jill….  the rest of us are behind the post still…. but at least we have ALL STARTED!

The state of the WoM challenge to date (sorry, I don’t have a photo of Di’s as yet ):


Show and Tell was mainly our WoM pieces, and what we were mostly working on was also those same pieces…..  with the exception of Alison  who had begun a new shibori piece, Kim who was piecing hexagons 🙄  (Textile art?) Jan working on her entry for the Moreton Bay Region exhibition “Fresh eyes” , Jill who was working on a lovely cross stitch work for her hubby…. and Donna 🗣 😉

New work:

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October 2018

Great meeting at Sandgate, must remember to get a photo of the venue to show you where we are meeting these days.

As Kim mentioned in the newsletter we had quite an extensive show and tell.

Then the work everyone was doing: Sue demonstrated her fabric shells to three members. Ryl pursued making a few, but had a few troubles with her machine.

Sue having forgotten her camera (Yes, true, sadly). Add to this some weird stuff going down with her phone-  amongst other things to do with the mute button, the phone camera did some weird stuff and at one point got stuck on taking photos. (I had to delete 150 + photos from my photostream! ARRRGh. Those dead photos bumped a lot of real ones out…. ho hum….. I don’t suppose it matters…. might need a new phone in the very near future……. )

Miraculously though, there were a few more pics that did work….


Helen made her usual delish morning tea – ginger kisses extraordinaire and her specialty gluten free chocolate cake – yuumm!!

We all have a deadline to meet at our November meeting… for some of us, that isn’t going to happen because life occasionally gets in the way, and we can’t do everything all of the time! But I am sure we can play catchup over the next few months…

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. (Lao Tse)

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August 2018

August meeting day, you would have found us at a new venue! thanks to the awesome efforts of Jan, who arranged it all, with some input from Brenda as well, we will be meeting at St Margaret’s Ministry Centre in Sandgate for the next six months, and hopefully continuing on after that indefinitely… a pleasant old building with verandah and all conveniences.

Brenda organised a bit of mind mapping that we all found useful and interesting – Kim might give a few more details in the newsletter. We did the usual show and tell, Secret Santas, and checked in on progress on “Windows” and 17th Degree.

Without further ado, photos

Show and Tell:


What we were working on:

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July jumble

We were at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery this month, having had a change of venue for our meetings. Whilst it is a lovely gallery, it doesn’t really suit our purpose, so we are still looking at alternative arrangements.

The photos are a dismal failure this month, I am SO disappointed, as we had a nice cosy group around the table at the back of the Art Gallery, and were joined by ring-in Clay artist Joanne Braddy, who was making necklaces, and our ex member Judith also called in to visit and show us her latest felted work, which she is hand stitching  whilst travelling with Gary and visiting friends up here. We missed Di and Jan who are both away on holidays, lucky people! We didn’t have a great deal of show and tell, everyone was working on various items, Sue and Kim have both conincidentally chosen to do trees for their competition pieces (WeatheRED) – Kim depicting a tree in Africa and Sue one on the local red cliffs at Scarborough…. more later! Great minds think alike! of course. The deadline is fast approaching but I am sure we can pull it off in time! …. For show and tell we had Judith’s very colourful felted piece, with lots of embroidery on it, and Sue’s almost completed commission piece. People were working on various projects, see the photos below for what they’re worth, sorry they are so poor:



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Industrious June

People were mostly stitching –  four of the group working on their Windows on Moreton pieces, Helen continuing her boro piece, Brenda was catching up with 2Sew packages to be posted out, Donna and I had to leave early so were not working on anything…. Kim took the minutes, so see your newsletter for more information!

In the news: We have a change of venue for our meetings, as the Cultural Centre are insisting on us gaining registration as a group to continue with the current booking price,  or pay as casuals for the room which is more than double the cost… we, being a group of aging ladies, don’t feel that we want or need to become incorporated, so we are opting out of the Redcliffe Cultural Centre in the future. It is a shame, as it was so pleasant , affordable, and convenient for us. That was the bad news.

Celebrating this month: Brenda ! The good news is that Brenda has had her black and white piece accepted into the World Quilt Competition! Congratulations Brenda, very exciting! Not only that, but she has had two of her fish pieces accepted into Australia Wide 6 (Ozquilt Network members).  Not only that but she also has a great article in the latest issue of Down Under Textiles magazine about seeking permission to make art quilts based on other photographers’ work. Our most successful member currently!

Here are the photos: what everyone was working on

Show and Tell:

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Another month another meeting, not too sure where the time goes, but go it does! So… we had almost a full cohort today, Kim is still away gallivanting her way around Europe lucky thing! In the meantime we were all fruitfully employed stitching and chatting and enjoying our morning tea and the camaraderie of the group.

Jill had a very busy time last month, but has still managed some shibori, some monoprinting, and some stamping as well as a quilt almost finished for the Invictus Games coming up in Sydney in October.

Other show and tell included Ryl’s exploration of water techniques, Jan’s wonderful Grand Canyon (I didn’t get a photo of it!!!) and her almost finished Windows on Moreton Bay piece, Alison’s lovely shibori canvas to be donated to 2QAQ fundraiser. Sue had her 100 days project sketchbook to show, and was working on a test sample for a commission. Donna showed her latest fiery piece of felting that she was also working on, and which looks destined to become part of her “Windows” piece.


Herewith then, the Show and Tell photos:

Plus  a few shots of what we were working on….. Alison was preparing another shibori piece but the photo was a bit washed out…


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April Activities

Leaf printing! What fun! Alison was so kind to demonstrate to us how she does this  – then a number of us went off with our leaves and paints and rollers to try it out! See a slide show of the demo on Youtube .

We had lots of exciting things to talk about during the “Meeting” and Show and Tell! AQC classes that Brenda went to in Melbourne recently, and our 2018 challenge, as well as the plans for an international challenge with Central Otago textile group COOTS (Central Otago Outside The Square) – being part of this will be so much fun! Since both groups have been in the throes of exhibition recently, we are planning ahead for later in 2019 to kick off the exhibition. Thanks to Brenda and Wendy (COOTS) for initiating and liasing!

I for one left the meeting feeling renewed and excited about the upcoming projects – it is so invigorating to learn something new, and to have fun together painting, stitching and exploring new ideas.

The photos:


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Open Day 20 March 2018

What a highly successful day! It was busy! We received so many compliments on our achievements, and Helen’s expression on being informed that her “bedsheet Challenge” piece had been sold was classic! Alison was doing a roaring trade with her glorious cyanotype pieces, and Kim had a number of Bargains on her table… I caught up with an old friend I hadn’t seen for years, which was fabulous. For those I didn’t get a chance to speak with, please accept my apologies! It was lovely to have Kate amongst us again, but so busy there was barely time to speak . Then all too soon, it was all over. The food was spectacular and plenty left over! Donna was a trooper, being first inside the door and with the most colourful table, she drew the crowd, and seemed to be surrounded by interested ladies  much of the time I had a chance to look her way. Brenda was doing a fine job of demonstrating her inktense pencils and allowing ladies to have a go! I was not so organised, just managed a few rows of stitching by machine and the rest was talking! Ryl’s table was surrounded by people too, and Jill eventually managed to squeeze in a cup of tea at a late stage! .Helen had plenty of things on display, her table had oodles of things for people to look at! . Jan and Kate along with Di were on the far side of the room  with a constant stream of visitors surrounding them and see what they were up to. I didn’t seem to see much of Kate who was behind one of those pesky columns holding up the level above….

Here is a meagre offering of photos I did manage to take…

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18/02/27 Hanging Day

What we were up to yesterday! Hanging FROM RAW BEGINNINGS!


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