Surreal September 2017

Such a small gathering today, with three of our number away overseas on holiday (lucky people) but the rest of us had fun anyway! There was not much show and tell,  but everyone was working away very diligently all the same! There are a few photos…. we discussed the Christmas Lunch already, it will be at Brenda’s. Brenda also organised a list of workshops for the PRAG to be held in conjunction with our exhibition there, and several of us volunteered to cover these. There will be wet felting, a christmas themed applique, jar dyeing demo, and a couple of others… watch this space for more details!

Meantime, a few photos of the works in progress and a little show and tell.

Both Kim and Helen were working on their boro pieces….. sorry I omitted to take pics but you have seen Helen’s in a previous blog…..

Next was Show and Tell:

Sue had her parrots to show…. but no photo on this computer, but there are a couple of pics here.

Here we are at work…



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Awesome August 2017

Days ago, we held our August meeting… last day for everyone together for a couple of months, as some of the girls are off to faraway places! Meanwhile, the rest of us are busy working on all our current projects towards our several upcoming exhibitions! Di, Sue and Brenda all have 4 in the next 9 months, so that’s quite a tall order to be providing work … not to mention the Queensland Quilt Show as well!!

The main event of the day – tackling our art! here are a few photos of the work in progress: not too sure what Brenda and Ryl were up to…. and Sue was painting some parrots as part of her Dalby challenge…….. anyway I didn’t get any photos of what they were doing….

Next up, Show and Tell…


That’s about it for this month….. The banner for the August blog is a sneak peek at our Brisbane Cityscape challenge….. remember that daunting design way back in early 2016?? 10 awkward shapes, 10 people working together to make something coherent of it? Well, finally it is complete!! You may be the judges as to whether we succeeded or not! To see it, come to our “TALKING POINTS” EXHIBITION which will be showing at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery from 17th November until mid January! Of course, there will also be a wealth of other work by all of our members, including our two distant ladies, Kay Haerland in NSW and Kate Watson is sending some work all the way from the UK!! It’s going to be an exciting exhibition!

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July 2017

Quiet day, a few of the girls had to leave early, and Kim is away OS… freezing in NZ, apparently.  Everyone has been industrious though, and all working towards our upcoming exhibitions. Keep an eye out for “Talking Points” at Pine Rivers Art Gallery, opening Nov 2017, and ” From Raw Beginnings” opening in March 2018 at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre – two exhibitions with new work. The Cultural Centre exhibition will focus on our group collaborative challenges.

Achiever of the Month:  Helen has at last completed her Brisbane Challenge piece! It is FABULOUS! Here are a couple of pics of it… our other achiever of the month is Jan, for winning highly commended for her clock tower at the Redcliffe Show! Congratulations Jan!!

The rest of show and tell:

That just leaves the what were we  all working on question….. so here a few photos of those…

That’s a wrap! Until next month, happy stitching!!

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June meeting

We missed Ryl today, otherwise it was a full house, and we had to move rooms again, so there was much arranging and rearranging of the tables, but there was really no way to avoid having at least one pillar in the middle of the room obstructing a clear view, but nevertheless, we managed as we always did, after all , our meetings have almost always been held in that room….  the upside of this though, was that we didn’t have to get our own tables and chairs out, nor did we need to put them away again at the end of the day!

There was a great deal of chatter, and everyone working away quite diligently. As usual, I talked too much and didn’t achieve all I had planned, but what does that matter when one is in good company?

What people were working on:

Nothing to show from Sue – no one took any pictures – suffice to say she broke her own rule and sewed two labels on to two cot quilts  made this past week for some newborn identical twin boys… and then drew and painted Jan’s hand as part of a Skillshare class project plus it doubles for a 100days project hand…

Show and Tell: apologies for the terrible photographic results. This camera was dropped the day before! Or else I had just forgotten quite how to use it……. lol should have had better lighting too…. outdoors would have been better.

One more show and tell, and that is Donna’s card which went to Di this month, wishing her happy birthday! isn’t it fabulous!P1010512

That wraps it up for another month, happy stitching everyone and hope you are all getting on with your masterpieces!!

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May Matters

Inspired and enthusiastic would be the overall reaction to Kathryn Harmer Fox’s 4 day workshop that some of us were privileged to attend, especially since it was originally unscheduled – but so much gained! I can’t wait each morning to get started – planning, stitching, playing with fabrics and threads…. can’t wait to finish my current project so I can start something new!!! We had a ball! Not everyone brought their work to show,  and show & tell was a bit lean this month, but hey! we had EXPERIENCES which tied up a fair bit of time, one way and another…. and somewhat stifled the creative opportunities for several of our members… life can be like that sometimes. Let’s hope the next month will be singularly uneventful – at least as far as unscheduled dramas are concerned…..  and we can all get on peacefully with our creative pursuits!

Here are a few highlights of the workshop:

Then there was a little bit of show and tell:

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April Antics 2017

Good meeting. Everyone working away diligently with a bit of show and tell…. Sue, Brenda and Kim looking forward to their flight to Melbourne on the following day, for the Australasian Quilt Convention (what a fantastic few days! Even if Sue didn’t win the biggie!) We had a delicious morning tea brought by Di, and we missed Alison who was away, but some of the girls worked away at their shibori pieces.


Work in progress

Di brought in two pieces (started in Gloria Loughman’s workshop) for some constructive advice – that’s one of the things that are so great about our group – members are comfortable with asking one another for their opinions and thoughts on items if they’ve reached a road block …. here are the before photos:

Di followed through on some of the advice,  and here are the after photos:

The rest of the works in progress:

Sue was working on some confetti for a small bird piece, no photos, sorry! Didn’t occur to me to take any of my own work!

Donna has finished her piece for the Brisbane challenge, looking great! Can’t wait to see the whole thing constructed and on display later in the year. P1070041_1

The remainder of the show and tell:

That’s all for another month! We should have great things to show next time, because we are very privileged to be hosting a workshop with Kathryn Harmer Fox!!! Can’t wait!!!  Now to get all the jobs done so I can relax and enjoy 4 days of fabric and stitch indulgence next week….  wooohooo!!!


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March Mayhem

So chilled out this month, have only just gotten around to posting last month’s pics… oops. Too many things to do . Sew little time. It’s been  crazy.

So good to welcome Kate back in the fold, if only for a day…..

So without further ado, here are some photos…. A Shibori Demo from Alison


and  a few more showinig how industrious we are!


and yet more…. Show and Tell.

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February fabric frolics

This month there was much to talk about including our upcoming exhibitions, more on these later but looks like we have not one, but two, in the offing – late this year, early next year…. we will keep you posted closer to the time, on venues and dates.

We were all working with more or less due diligence, some achieving more than others, depending on how much talking/eating we were doing………

Discussion regarding our workshop was also on the agenda, so we are looking forward to that later in the year.

Meantime, some show and tell photos.

Some work in progress and our latest Brisbane Challenge progress


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New Year

This should be a great year. We are off to a terrific start, even though our numbers were down, as they are in the summer time. two of the girls were away overseas, and the rest of us relaxed with our various creative bits and pieces, and didn’t think too hard about the year’s upcoming tasks! As there is now no 2017 exhibition, the pressure is off a little for the Collaborative Reddy Arts Project………… aka the Brisbane Group Challenge…. the deadline of Feb has been moved to March…. some of us have NO HOPE of completing by the time the Feb meeting rolls around, and anyway I am going to be away………. so you won’t see mine finished…….. until later…

Here is a progress pano – it’s shaping up very nicely!

We welcomed a new member, Alison, to the group.

There was some show and tell:

There is a video  to show the girls at work!  Click Here to see it. A few stills as well:

All very productive.

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The Demise of 2016

We all got together at Di’s place for a wonderful collective lunch… everyone contributed a plate or in the case of Sue, the bon-bons! We all came armed with our Secret Santa gifts, as well. We quickly dispensed with the business of the day, ie the AGM, and it was on to the fun stuff, eating!!! and gift opening!!! As usual, we had a ball.


Photos of the gifts follow….thanks to Brenda for coming to the rescue as I left my camera behind…. doh!! and now,  how will I remember who made what for whom? Lets see now…. Donna received a chook quilt from Kim, Sue received a Moreton Bay folder cover from Brenda, along with a hand made notebook, which included hand made paper pages, plus NZ pohutukawa fabric – very spoilt!, Sue made Di a convertible iron carrybag/ironing mat – something she has been longing for for a few years!!! lol. Jill gave someone a cute little embroidered bag….with lovely cords she had made – Brenda received a lovely roomy beach bag from… Jan? Di made a lovely green and red bowl  – not sure who the lucky recipient was…   Donna made vivid table mats for Jan? I’m not sure about all the rest…. ulp!!Never mind, you all know for whom you made a gift, and from whom you received one  …. it was a fun day, we missed you Kate and Kay as usual!

For AGM news, I think see the newsletter, Kim will have it covered….. or Alex will…… not sure who was doing it now…….. perhaps the holidays have done my head in.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Next meeting is just a week away…. have fun and see you all then!!


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