Open Day 20 March 2018

What a highly successful day! It was busy! We received so many compliments on our achievements, and Helen’s expression on being informed that her “bedsheet Challenge” piece had been sold was classic! Alison was doing a roaring trade with her glorious cyanotype pieces, and Kim had a number of Bargains on her table… I caught up with an old friend I hadn’t seen for years, which was fabulous. For those I didn’t get a chance to speak with, please accept my apologies! It was lovely to have Kate amongst us again, but so busy there was barely time to speak . Then all too soon, it was all over. The food was spectacular and plenty left over! Donna was a trooper, being first inside the door and with the most colourful table, she drew the crowd, and seemed to be surrounded by interested ladies  much of the time I had a chance to look her way. Brenda was doing a fine job of demonstrating her inktense pencils and allowing ladies to have a go! I was not so organised, just managed a few rows of stitching by machine and the rest was talking! Ryl’s table was surrounded by people too, and Jill eventually managed to squeeze in a cup of tea at a late stage! .Helen had plenty of things on display, her table had oodles of things for people to look at! . Jan and Kate along with Di were on the far side of the room  with a constant stream of visitors surrounding them and see what they were up to. I didn’t seem to see much of Kate who was behind one of those pesky columns holding up the level above….

Here is a meagre offering of photos I did manage to take…

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18/02/27 Hanging Day

What we were up to yesterday! Hanging FROM RAW BEGINNINGS!


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18/02 Gathering

FROM RAW BEGINNINGS is our next exhibition

Opening on 28th February – one week away! Less than that , in fact. This exhibition is showcasing some of our recent and not so recent yearly challenges that the group participates in as a way to explore new techniques, perfect others, and generally explore the realm of textile art. We either love them or hate them, but they always extend us and we finish each with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with a job done, richer for the experience and all gaining insights and inspiration from one another’s interpretations of the theme or topic. Feel free to come along and visit as many times as you wish, and particularly if you visit on our OPEN DAY 20th MARCH, you will be able to talk to and pick the brains of the artists!

from raw beginnings posterMeeting Day activities

We were all helping Di to sew velcro on to the various pieces of the Brisbane City Scape in order to attach them to the fantastic light hinged plywood base made by Di’s husband Steve, no small favour! Thank you Steve! Once completed, they looked great in place, but I will provide a photo once it is hanging in the exhibition.

Everyone was pretty much finished their Bedsheet Challenge just a few of the girls had some finishing touches to complete. I have a few photos in the show and tell album below as well as what new things some of us were doing. A couple of us seemed to be between projects, well me, anyway. Just doodling on my ipad, playing with design ideas. Jan was working on her next landscape, and is already moving on to her next challenge, can’t wait to start, clearly!  The rest of us lag behind. We are still finalising this one I think…. we have a topic and a size, just the nature of the challenge itself to be determined after a little more brainstorming and discussion.

Show and Tell


You can see Jan’s two works, “Old Man of Hoy” and “Clinker Dinghy by the Scapa Flow” at Bayside Gallery but you will need to visit in person as there are no images of Jan’s work on the website as yet!

Have fun!

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Christmas 2017

The lunch

was wonderful! Everyone excelled in their various culinary skills and we ate well. Many thanks to Brenda for hosting us all this year.

The gifts

as usual were exceptional and everyone enjoyed unwrapping their goodies – even if Sue was a somewhat weird santa with her hohoho’s…… sorry I can’t remember all of them and who made which at this late stage, but you all know which is yours and who made it!


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2018 begins

This meeting day came around quickly! Holidays are now just a pleasant memory… Morning tea/show and tell was brief, but interesting, and that was followed by the business of the day,  at which time we set our 2018 challenge theme, dimensions and deadlines. Doubtless as the year progresses we will find a few WIP photos documenting this. Here are the working pieces for the day, and a little bit of  Show and Tell. I missed getting a photo of Di’s Kumihimo cord that she was also working on.

Come along to our upcoming “From Raw Beginnings” exhibition to see our most recent challenge work as well as some other Challenges not shown previously. The exhibition will be held during March at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre Stage Door Gallery Brochure is here scroll through to page 4-5 for more information, plus check back on the blog in February for more info closer to the Opening dates.

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Talking Points at Pine Rivers Art Gallery

A few photos from the exhibition…….

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Notable November

Show and Tell and work in progress – what everyone has been up to in the last month…. it was a quiet meeting with 3 people away. We were sorry that Kay wasn’t able to stay on for the meeting, as it would have been fun to have her there. Ho wever I think she caught up with most of us at the exhibition opening, which was great! Alison and Brenda have both got their Dalby Darling Downs pieces ready for hanging at their exhibition up in Dalby which opens on 9th Dec at Gallery 107. Helen working on her boro piece and Jill and ALison were both working on their shibori. Brenda was working on her KHF pieces, a coastal scene and her hermit crab. Sue put a few more leaf stitches into her red yellow and green concoction…

There was a bit of discussion regarding a challenge for 2018….

The launch of the exhibition Talking Points took place at last on Friday 17th at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery  in Strathpine, Queensland, and what a fantastic turnout it was… how disappointing that the gallery had overlooked putting up any pricing for the works, and also omitted to provide at least a price catalogue…. Nevertheless,  we all had a really good time and enjoyed listening to our guest speaker, Suzanne Marshall. Thanks so much, Suzanne, we were so entertained, it was just brilliant! I have yet to take photos, having a) forgotten my camera, and b) I would have been too busy to do any photography even if I did have it there! But, do you remember this? Find more about it here. The idea was that we were each to depict, in textiles,  an aspect of Brisbane City on the shape we drew from a hat. Finished dimensions are 2.5 m x 1m. BD4131CE-71A5-41B3-8CEB-6776F1873C85
( Below) The finished piece hanging in the Reddy Arts Textile Group’s exhibition, Talking Points, currently on display until 10 th January. Photo by Alison Charlton.

3220A53A-C3F3-44A8-BBC5-D979310A4484Congratulations to all the participants! Photo by Jessica Boland. (Below)


I will get a few more photos of the exhibition in a week or so…. Don’t know why you are not in this pic Brenda, and Alex only just makes it!

More photos to come – keep an eye out!! In the meantime, it is well worth the trip to Strathpine, Brisbane, to see it, as well as all the other great work the group members have produced in response to our theme, Talking Points, in which we all took an obscure word and gave it our interpretation.

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October Oratory

We welcomed our travellers back and they spoiled us with wee gifts, a coaster and fridge magnet each via Barcelona  from Jill,  a yummy fat 1/8th from Jan, and a little packet of American fabrics from Di…  there should be a challenge for those! such fun, it felt like Christmas all over again! We also celebrated 3 birthdays this month….. Jill’s, Helen’s and Sue’s, so there were a few cards to see… I do apologise for not getting a photo of Helen’s card made by Di..

We missed Ryl, but wish her well in her upcoming trials, and look forward to having her back with us in December  – pain free and kicking up her heels! The Christmas party has been changed to Dec 12th  as it was felt that 19th was getting a bit late …

It was a very cheerful meeting with everyone working away diligently and amiably, lots of chatter and laughter and discussion about future challenges for the group, workshops etc…We had fun and I think everyone achieved something today. Donna put on a great morning tea, thanks Donna! P1010578

Show and tell and work photos got a bit mixed up, as can sometimes happen… in fact I don’t think we had a formal show and tell at all, so it’s a free for all with the pics today. Herewith the Works In Progress!

Followed by the Show and Tell, such as it is….

We are getting excited about our upcoming exhibition at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery! It opens in one month exactly on November 17th at 6.30 pm ! Be there for drinks and nibbles and to meet all the artists and to see all of our awesome work of the past two years!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!




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Surreal September 2017

Such a small gathering today, with three of our number away overseas on holiday (lucky people) but the rest of us had fun anyway! There was not much show and tell,  but everyone was working away very diligently all the same! There are a few photos…. we discussed the Christmas Lunch already, it will be at Brenda’s. Brenda also organised a list of workshops for the PRAG to be held in conjunction with our exhibition there, and several of us volunteered to cover these. There will be wet felting, a christmas themed applique, jar dyeing demo, and a couple of others… watch this space for more details!

Meantime, a few photos of the works in progress and a little show and tell.

Both Kim and Helen were working on their boro pieces….. sorry I omitted to take pics but you have seen Helen’s in a previous blog…..

Next was Show and Tell:

Sue had her parrots to show…. but no photo on this computer, but there are a couple of pics here.

Here we are at work…



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Awesome August 2017

Days ago, we held our August meeting… last day for everyone together for a couple of months, as some of the girls are off to faraway places! Meanwhile, the rest of us are busy working on all our current projects towards our several upcoming exhibitions! Di, Sue and Brenda all have 4 in the next 9 months, so that’s quite a tall order to be providing work … not to mention the Queensland Quilt Show as well!!

The main event of the day – tackling our art! here are a few photos of the work in progress: not too sure what Brenda and Ryl were up to…. and Sue was painting some parrots as part of her Dalby challenge…….. anyway I didn’t get any photos of what they were doing….

Next up, Show and Tell…


That’s about it for this month….. The banner for the August blog is a sneak peek at our Brisbane Cityscape challenge….. remember that daunting design way back in early 2016?? 10 awkward shapes, 10 people working together to make something coherent of it? Well, finally it is complete!! You may be the judges as to whether we succeeded or not! To see it, come to our “TALKING POINTS” EXHIBITION which will be showing at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery from 17th November until mid January! Of course, there will also be a wealth of other work by all of our members, including our two distant ladies, Kay Haerland in NSW and Kate Watson is sending some work all the way from the UK!! It’s going to be an exciting exhibition!

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