Challenge – Chinese Whispers

The secrets out. The photo has been revealed. The quilts are on view.

Our member Diane, read about a challenge that we decided to undertake. Called “Chinese Whispers” it involved a photo being selected and a quilt made from it.  This quilt was then shown to the 2nd person in the challenge.  The photo was not shown.  The 2nd person then made a quilt from the 1st one, then passed it to the 3rd person on the list. The first quilt was handed back to the 1st person and it was not shown to the 3rd person ! So each person in the challenge only ever saw the quilt before theirs !

As Diane suggested the challenge she chose a photo, selected an area of it and created the first quilt.
Her quilt featured Red Hollyhocks outside a french cafe. Complete with curtain and reflection of buildings in the window.

Diane and the first quilt from the photo she chose

Brenda was next to receive the challenge.  She followed Dianes quilt with a view from the inside of a french cafe looking out onto the arch at Givry in France. She decided to keep the Hollyhocks to link to the first quilt and see how far they would go thru the challenge.

Brenda's "Francaise Voir"

Brenda’s “Francaise Voir”

Brenda then handed the quilt to Jeannie who portrayed the hollyhocks but chose an alternate colour scheme.

Jeannie and her hollyhocks

Jeannie and her hollyhocks

Jeannie and her hollyhocks

 Jeannie then passed her quilt onto Jill.  Jill chose to distort the image in photoshop and skew the colours.

Jill and her alternate Hollyhocks

Donna was next to receive Jills quilt and she focused on the central point of the quilt and recreated that in a rainbow of colours, it resembles a comet.

Donna & her comet looking quilt

Donna passed this onto Sue D, who created a jug of spilled rainbow complete with crystal constellation.

Sue D and her jug of rainbows

This was then passed onto Helen who got a little inspiration from her hubby and saw Sues quilt as Lava !  She created this.

Helen and her lava

Helen and her lava