3 Piece Suite – Jill Burgess’s Work


“Japanese culture, history and expression form the central theme of this 3 Piece Suite.  It represents the diversity of ancient Japanese values in dress, design and artistic interpretation.

Jill Burgess with her works “Celeste”

In the piece “Kayoko”, depicting a lady in traditional dress the book has been crafted with Japanese paper and the hair on the figure has been carefully hand pieced.  Japanese made embroidered silk has been used in crafting the lady’s garments.

Japanese Lady detail



The Crane has been made with Japanese gold silk lame superimposed on black silk.  The feathers are hand painted while the legs and the top of the head are processed Tyvek.


Crane detail

The lamp is of paper-mache and after painting small squares of Jpanese fabric have been applied.  The whole piece has been coated with webbing spray.”

ImageJapanese Lantern

About ReddyArts

A group of diverse women who come together to experiment and create in a wide variety of textiles.
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