3 Piece Suite – Judith McKinlay’s Work

Judith is our distance member having moved from Brisbane to Tasmania.  Her 2 sets of work are entitled –

Earth is all that matters.

“The garment is a 3/4 length vest with double breasted bodice and sleeveless, in merino fleece with a variety of silk embedded over and within the felted wool.

Earth is all that matters, including hat, coat and bag

Threads have been hand sewn over the entire garment.

Earth is all that matters, including hat, coat and bag

The garment is a warm casual garment.  It is intended as an over vest and is sized accordingly to allow warm clothing underneath.

Detail of Earth is all that matters

The vest has a matching headdress, scarf, and a large handbag, all co-ordinated with the garment.

Not all is black

Not All is Black

Many faces appear throughout “She”, some obvious; others more subtle, and some initially almost cannot be noticed and require longer viewing to grasp.

Not All is Black

We are all of energy.  The art piece reflects many moods of humanity.  Some images ar happy, serene, calm, and sometime sad while others represent anger, frustration, violence and cruelty.  The images are both positive and negative; our consciousness and energy.


All images have a shadow; a reflection or conscious in their background which is representative of a spirit guiding humanity through the journey of life.  Cords radiate from “She” representing energy flowing around the universe.  Energy is continuous around the world, out into the universe, and so it is also out of the art piece, into its border and continues further out into the universe by your thoughts and reflection of “She”

Red and black beads are used throughout the work highlighting the highs and lows of life.”

Judith & “She”

About ReddyArts

A group of diverse women who come together to experiment and create in a wide variety of textiles.
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