3 Piece Suite – Donna Davis’s Work

Donna produced 2 sets of work for our 3 Piece Suite Exhibition.  Donna speciality at present is Felting, in her characteristic  lively way her pieces are bright and enthusiastic and were well received by Children, gallery staff and onlookers alike.  She is also a poet, so the idea for one of her works was born through her writing. Her artist statement is below.

Donna Davis.
Photo courtesy of Bob Dennis.

NOT  Jack and the Beanstalk

This body of work was conceived as I was rewriting fairy tales for a performance. I love making felted flowers and bright fantasy buildings (Like the Castle in the Clouds, in Jack’s story).

Boots and vine detail

Fantasy City Triptych 1

My 3 pieces are the shoes, which I have felted, the vine and flowers (also felted using a variety of materials, and the Fantasy City.

With the city I created each piece using a variety of materials and techniques and then created the city in the clouds. ( I am an avid fan of Gaudi’s architecture and Hundertwasser’s work).

I have my vine growing out of the boots because I’m NOT Jack!


Donna & My Flowers are Forever.
Photo courtesy of Bob Dennis.

My Flowers are Forever

I’m not a gardener but I love flowers and I love bright funky clothes, so this “Three Piece Suite” combines all the things I love.  All the pieces are felted, but with a difference!  BOTH sides of the garments are felted so that they are reversible!  The wall hanging is also felted on both sides .  I have wet felted all the pieces using a prefelt base and added silks etc for the desired effect.  I created this exhibit after learning the double felting technique with Soo Mee Kim, a well known felter. This is the type of garden I like because  “My Flowers are Forever”.

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