3 Piece Suite – Sue Duffy’s work

Sue Duffy took on a topic that was near and dear to her heart!  The family bach (Kiwi holiday house!)  Sue’s grandfather built the house and over the years it grew and changed and morphed, with the family and extended family’s requirements and whimseys, like the exotic swirls that cover most of the buildings, painted by Sues sister.  It still stands today and is still in the family’s possession.  Sue’s pieces were a recreation of the bach in 1:12 scale, a version of the same bach, unfolded in a smaller scale and 4 wonderful wall hangings that encapsulated the beach view from the bach’s front.

Sue’s artist statement –

There was a Time, there is a Place; celebrating family, DIY and simplicity in life.

“The Bach”.  A 1”:12” scale model of our 60 years old hand built family bach place of childhood wonder and delight, family an belonging.  Has so much time really passed?

But I was there, only yesterday. 

“Bach Unfolded”. Someday, this bach will be dismantled: here deconstructed, unfolded, freeing the souls and memories of five generations….

“The View”. Its place, and its place in our hearts, remains.

Because this is where we began…..

Constructed from fabric and mixed media, appliqued, painted and quilted.

She goes into more detail on her blog click here – Sue’s Blog or type in http://ratherbequilting.wordpress.com/

Click on an image below to enlarge…..

About ReddyArts

A group of diverse women who come together to experiment and create in a wide variety of textiles.
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2 Responses to 3 Piece Suite – Sue Duffy’s work

  1. terry cosgrove says:

    Hi Sue, Terry hadn’t seen you work at the Gallery ……..I bought a few of your cards and today looked up the display on computer………well Terry is really impressed………had to go over the story of the Bach with him………You have another fan here at Scarborough ………best Wishes for the new year ,Marie and Terry cosgrove


    • patchworksue says:

      Hi Marie, thank you for your lovely comments. Have only just seen your post – we went up to Caloundra for the hols, hope you had an enjoyable time as well, best wishes for the new Year also and greetings to Terry.


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