Drawing workshop by Jeannie Henry – August Meeting

What a great day! 

Jeannie conducted a drawing workshop that frustrated some, and made others feel awesome! But we all agreed it gave everyone better drawing skills, and the results are going to be awesome! We are going to have some great show and tell next month!


Jeannie’s drawing exercise and her resulting WIP A4 appliqué textile page

Dianne working intently

Kim progressing her sunflowers 

Helen getting into the spirit of the workshop.

Alex and her interpretive lichen

Kate finalising her drawing

Jans Monster(ia) progress

Brenda’s drawing

Sue on the lightbox

About Addicted2Fabric

I'm a self confessed Fabric lover and colour junkie. I'm caught between being a Painter, Sewer (not the underground conduit kind!) & a Fabric manipulator, which makes me a Textile Artist! Between my family's sports adventures & life, I still manage to finish Textile pieces! I sell Quilt Patterns and Textile Art by leading Australian designers at 2SewTextiles! Creating Art and Words...
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