Challenge – Evolution 2 – a taster of our unveiling..

The eagerly anticipated unveiling of one of our completed Evolution Chinese Whispers (Evolution 2).  One of our Evolution challenges. Evolution 2 was being simultaneously run alongside # 1 and has taken nearly 12 months to complete!
Beginning with a secretly chosen photo an art quilt was made in the 30x30cm format. This quilt was passed on, then the next passed on to the next member and so on. We each had a month to complete our piece and pass it to the next person.
The results were wonderful! …but you will have to come to our exhibition next year to see them…



At the unveiling, we followed a fascinating journey from Jill’s photograph of a fungal covered tree stump that began with Sue’s circle of life, then took us through some varied and meaningful woodland scenes until Donna’s wonderfully felted toadstool inspired vessel, decorated with hand stitched leaves, changed the direction totally. We were diverted ‘en route’ to masks and Venice, to all things Venetian in the form of Brenda’s beautifully stitched floral work based on the flower Venezia Carnivale,  which in turn took us on a poignant path with Helen’s rendition of a silhouetted soldier heralding the morning, the Dawn Sunrise, against the backdrop of a stunning sky. And then a return to nature with brilliant morning skies, stilts out fishing, tending their nests and their eggs ready to start the cycle of life once again!

Wonderful work by everyone. We have posted the results in our Reddy Arts Challenges Facebook Group but otherwise they will be kept under wraps until our exhibition next year. We are now all looking forward to the revealing of the completed Evolution 1 work at our October meeting

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I'm a self confessed Fabric lover and colour junkie. I'm caught between being a Painter, Sewer (not the underground conduit kind!) & a Fabric manipulator, which makes me a Textile Artist! Between my family's sports adventures & life, I still manage to finish Textile pieces! I sell Quilt Patterns and Textile Art by leading Australian designers at 2SewTextiles! Creating Art and Words...
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