2015 October unveiling of “Di’s Challenge” or is that “Dynamic Directions” ?

Good meeting yesterday!  a few people needed to leave early. The remainder stayed on until 3 pm! We lamented the fact that Kate has to return to the UK due to unforeseen circumstances beyond her control….. we will miss her!! but she will become our international member!!! It’s great to think we haven’t truly lost her, and that she will join in with all the activities to the best of her ability, given that we will be on opposite sides of the world….  there is to be a farewell lunch mid November in Sandgate.

Brenda was presented with a wall hanging of “Finchies” as a thankyou from the girls for organising our recent Workshop with Gloria Loughman: the RADF grant and all the paperwork that it entailed. Thanks again, Brenda, great job!!!

Finchies for Brenda

Some show and tell happened, in particular Di’s Challenge ( also known by some as “Dynamic Directions” and to others as “Demonic Directions” – not mentioning any names….)   finished and nearly finished:

Kate challenge

Kate challenge – WIP “Fire”


Di Challenge detail


Jan Challenge WIP


Jan’s challenge – detail

Donna Challenge

Donna’s challenge WIP

Brenda Challenge

Brenda’s challenge

Kim's challenge with the final stage of attaching the paua shells to it.

Kim’s challenge with the final stage of attaching the paua shells to it.

Jan showed us her framed Medieval Village, which looks fabulous:


Helen demonstrated bobbin work, and the photographer was a bit slow on the uptake and didn’t get a pic of the action, however, here is Helen deep in discussion about presser feet? or thread? with two of the girls..IMG_1934

and here is a sample of Brenda’s bobbin work and couching:


We made a decision to entitle our next exhibition “The Art of Language”  – this is a working title at this stage, as we need one in order to book a local gallery – most likely Pine Rivers Art Gallery in 2017.  Redcliffe Art Gallery has no spaces available until 2018…

Until we meet again next month, happy creating!!!

About Sue Duffy Designs

A Textile Artist who works in all things stitched, appliqued, embellished and quilted. With a background in traditional quilting, I produce textile wall art, 3D works, and "Artyfacts". I am also known to still do the occasional traditional quilt.
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1 Response to 2015 October unveiling of “Di’s Challenge” or is that “Dynamic Directions” ?

  1. Peggy Lawton says:

    Really enjoy reading about your activities, thank you for sharing. Peg


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