Christmas party… New Year Plans

So we all gathered at Brenda’s for out final get together and Christmas lunch which was a great deal of fun – plenty of good food and drinks (really enjoyed the punch)  good company, tried to keep the formal part brief, with a quick rundown of our year’s activities which turned out as usual to be more considerable than one would think… there was much discussion about a new proposal for another collaboration, the details of which need more refining and organisation, especially for setting the parameters and goals. The main criteria so far being that it will be a work that has a cohesive thread, theme, or highlight eg colour to link all individual works both physically and visually –  and yet each piece should be a contained work in it’s own right, which the maker will retain after exhibiting. In a venture like this it will be essential that we  maintain communication  and cooperation, with planning and flexibility, and someone to oversee the whole and ensure deadlines are met. This is not always an easy task, but essential to have work ready on time, if it is to be included in our next exhibition.

After the formal bit was concluded, we moved to the table  where we enjoyed the lucky dip bonbon gift round… (has Di set a precedent here?) and then  partook of an array of scrumptious salads and meats, followed by delicious desserts. Once our appetites were satisfied, we then went on to secret santa gift giving, which is always a deal of fun. During proceedings, Donna read out this poem written by Kate, which we all thoroughly enjoyed especially as Kate is a British girl let loose downunder for a time…. sadly now returned to her country of birth….

What stonking good mates youse all ben to me

A Pom and a Sheila let loose in Q… L… D. 

This doll, what an awesome time she’s had

RATG – they ain’t half bad!

 The textile creations, mind blowing, just bonzer

Your talents, well strewth, I say – Good onya!

 She hadn’t a clue of course at the start

But fair dinkum, she’d give it a go for her art.

 Confetti, sorry, thread stitchings been neat

But morning teas – oh boy, just sweet!

 In most hands free motion a skill that’s so beaut

But for one Brissie girl it wasn’t so cute

 The beading was ripper, an easy technique

Until it came first – a bit of a cheek!

 And then there’s the yabber each 3rd Tuesday meet

For this Brit/part Aussie a real treat.

 Alas, now it’s come to walkabout time

But no fear, she’ll be back and all will be fine!

© Kate Watson

Kate's card

Thanks Kate for all the good times and laughs, we will miss you for sure!

A gallery of our secret santa goodies, bon bon treats and Kate’s parting gifts!


Jill’s gifts: clockwise from left: Japanese bag from Di, Book folder from Helen, and notebook case from Kate.


Brenda’s booty, clockwise from left: woven box from Kate, fabrics from Alex, make-up pouch from Di


Alex’s  gifts: Clockwise from back: 2 felted vessels by Donna,  notebook cover from Kate,  Box by Di


Donna’s gifts from left: Christmas Elves from Kay, and orange fabric (Kay) in thebox by Kate, and embroidered box by Di


Helen’s haul: Book cover from Brenda, with Loni Rossi fabric and fabric pens, small box from Di, and notepad with cover from Kate.


Kim’s collection: Framed abstract :Layers” by Sue, Sinchie Box by Kate, pencil case by Di.


Jan’s “jewels” : Bag by Jill, Bowl by Di, Notebook and case by Kate.


Di’s delights: Mug, mug bag and red bowl with chocolate from Kate, blue bowl by Di, and notebook and cover by Kate.


Sue’s Stash: wonderful Door harp by Steve, from Di, Fabric bowl by Di, woven fabric box by Kate.

We had a great day, enjoyed all the wonderful food that each member of the group contributed, and were amazed by the talent amongst the group on opening our “Secret Santa” gifts.


Best wishes to you all for a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. May you all have safe holidays and return refreshed and relaxed, ready for the next year of adventures!


About Sue Duffy Designs

A Textile Artist who works in all things stitched, appliqued, embellished and quilted. With a background in traditional quilting, I produce textile wall art, 3D works, and "Artyfacts". I am also known to still do the occasional traditional quilt.
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