Sinchies – a Unique Colour Challenge!

Addicted 2 Fabric

Coming up with unique challenge ideas for a group can be – well – challenging!
Too big and it becomes a burden… too collaborative and people get worried and some deviate from the plan… so it needed to be FUN, SMALL, FAST, EASY and inclusive of a topic for everyone.

SQUARE:   To deal with the Portrait vs Landscape issue a square was chosen.
6″ x 6″     Size.  Small enough to accomplish, yet large enough to show techniques and topics.
TOPIC:  Colour .  The topic to suit everyone… .
DURATION:  Until we felt like stopping…
FREQUENCY:  Bi-Monthly originally… Changed to Monthly

The name ?!  I came up with SINCHIES... 6″ by 6″ and they are a cinch to make!  🙂
The name stuck.


We put colours in a bag and each month we randomly drew out two colours.  Only those 2 colours could be used in the piece…

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I'm a self confessed Fabric lover and colour junkie. I'm caught between being a Painter, Sewer (not the underground conduit kind!) & a Fabric manipulator, which makes me a Textile Artist! Between my family's sports adventures & life, I still manage to finish Textile pieces! I sell Quilt Patterns and Textile Art by leading Australian designers at 2SewTextiles! Creating Art and Words...
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2 Responses to Sinchies – a Unique Colour Challenge!

  1. RE Sinchies article,well done Brenda


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