The Demise of 2016

We all got together at Di’s place for a wonderful collective lunch… everyone contributed a plate or in the case of Sue, the bon-bons! We all came armed with our Secret Santa gifts, as well. We quickly dispensed with the business of the day, ie the AGM, and it was on to the fun stuff, eating!!! and gift opening!!! As usual, we had a ball.


Photos of the gifts follow….thanks to Brenda for coming to the rescue as I left my camera behind…. doh!! and now,  how will I remember who made what for whom? Lets see now…. Donna received a chook quilt from Kim, Sue received a Moreton Bay folder cover from Brenda, along with a hand made notebook, which included hand made paper pages, plus NZ pohutukawa fabric – very spoilt!, Sue made Di a convertible iron carrybag/ironing mat – something she has been longing for for a few years!!! lol. Jill gave someone a cute little embroidered bag….with lovely cords she had made – Brenda received a lovely roomy beach bag from… Jan? Di made a lovely green and red bowl  – not sure who the lucky recipient was…   Donna made vivid table mats for Jan? I’m not sure about all the rest…. ulp!!Never mind, you all know for whom you made a gift, and from whom you received one  …. it was a fun day, we missed you Kate and Kay as usual!

For AGM news, I think see the newsletter, Kim will have it covered….. or Alex will…… not sure who was doing it now…….. perhaps the holidays have done my head in.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Next meeting is just a week away…. have fun and see you all then!!


About Sue Duffy Designs

A Textile Artist who works in all things stitched, appliqued, embellished and quilted. With a background in traditional quilting, I produce textile wall art, 3D works, and "Artyfacts". I am also known to still do the occasional traditional quilt.
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1 Response to The Demise of 2016

  1. Brenda’s beachbag was from Ryl.
    And the table mats were for Helen!
    Close! 😂


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