May Matters

Inspired and enthusiastic would be the overall reaction to Kathryn Harmer Fox’s 4 day workshop that some of us were privileged to attend, especially since it was originally unscheduled – but so much gained! I can’t wait each morning to get started – planning, stitching, playing with fabrics and threads…. can’t wait to finish my current project so I can start something new!!! We had a ball! Not everyone brought their work to show,  and show & tell was a bit lean this month, but hey! we had EXPERIENCES which tied up a fair bit of time, one way and another…. and somewhat stifled the creative opportunities for several of our members… life can be like that sometimes. Let’s hope the next month will be singularly uneventful – at least as far as unscheduled dramas are concerned…..  and we can all get on peacefully with our creative pursuits!

Here are a few highlights of the workshop:

Then there was a little bit of show and tell:

About Sue Duffy Designs

A Textile Artist who works in all things stitched, appliqued, embellished and quilted. With a background in traditional quilting, I produce textile wall art, 3D works, and "Artyfacts". I am also known to still do the occasional traditional quilt.
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2 Responses to May Matters

  1. Liz Nicholls says:

    Beautiful work ladies…


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