June meeting

We missed Ryl today, otherwise it was a full house, and we had to move rooms again, so there was much arranging and rearranging of the tables, but there was really no way to avoid having at least one pillar in the middle of the room obstructing a clear view, but nevertheless, we managed as we always did, after all , our meetings have almost always been held in that room….  the upside of this though, was that we didn’t have to get our own tables and chairs out, nor did we need to put them away again at the end of the day!

There was a great deal of chatter, and everyone working away quite diligently. As usual, I talked too much and didn’t achieve all I had planned, but what does that matter when one is in good company?

What people were working on:

Nothing to show from Sue – no one took any pictures – suffice to say she broke her own rule and sewed two labels on to two cot quilts  made this past week for some newborn identical twin boys… and then drew and painted Jan’s hand as part of a Skillshare class project plus it doubles for a 100days project hand…

Show and Tell: apologies for the terrible photographic results. This camera was dropped the day before! Or else I had just forgotten quite how to use it……. lol should have had better lighting too…. outdoors would have been better.

One more show and tell, and that is Donna’s card which went to Di this month, wishing her happy birthday! isn’t it fabulous!P1010512

That wraps it up for another month, happy stitching everyone and hope you are all getting on with your masterpieces!!

About Sue Duffy Designs

A Textile Artist who works in all things stitched, appliqued, embellished and quilted. With a background in traditional quilting, I produce textile wall art, 3D works, and "Artyfacts". I am also known to still do the occasional traditional quilt.
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  2. Kim Boland says:

    Thanks again Sue for the pictorial records.

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  3. haha no flies on us today!!


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