Notable November

Show and Tell and work in progress – what everyone has been up to in the last month…. it was a quiet meeting with 3 people away. We were sorry that Kay wasn’t able to stay on for the meeting, as it would have been fun to have her there. Ho wever I think she caught up with most of us at the exhibition opening, which was great! Alison and Brenda have both got their Dalby Darling Downs pieces ready for hanging at their exhibition up in Dalby which opens on 9th Dec at Gallery 107. Helen working on her boro piece and Jill and ALison were both working on their shibori. Brenda was working on her KHF pieces, a coastal scene and her hermit crab. Sue put a few more leaf stitches into her red yellow and green concoction…

There was a bit of discussion regarding a challenge for 2018….

The launch of the exhibition Talking Points took place at last on Friday 17th at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery  in Strathpine, Queensland, and what a fantastic turnout it was… how disappointing that the gallery had overlooked putting up any pricing for the works, and also omitted to provide at least a price catalogue…. Nevertheless,  we all had a really good time and enjoyed listening to our guest speaker, Suzanne Marshall. Thanks so much, Suzanne, we were so entertained, it was just brilliant! I have yet to take photos, having a) forgotten my camera, and b) I would have been too busy to do any photography even if I did have it there! But, do you remember this? Find more about it here. The idea was that we were each to depict, in textiles,  an aspect of Brisbane City on the shape we drew from a hat. Finished dimensions are 2.5 m x 1m. BD4131CE-71A5-41B3-8CEB-6776F1873C85
( Below) The finished piece hanging in the Reddy Arts Textile Group’s exhibition, Talking Points, currently on display until 10 th January. Photo by Alison Charlton.

3220A53A-C3F3-44A8-BBC5-D979310A4484Congratulations to all the participants! Photo by Jessica Boland. (Below)


I will get a few more photos of the exhibition in a week or so…. Don’t know why you are not in this pic Brenda, and Alex only just makes it!

More photos to come – keep an eye out!! In the meantime, it is well worth the trip to Strathpine, Brisbane, to see it, as well as all the other great work the group members have produced in response to our theme, Talking Points, in which we all took an obscure word and gave it our interpretation.

About Sue Duffy Designs

A Textile Artist who works in all things stitched, appliqued, embellished and quilted. With a background in traditional quilting, I produce textile wall art, 3D works, and "Artyfacts". I am also known to still do the occasional traditional quilt.
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1 Response to Notable November

  1. Nev and Joan Morrison says:

    Congratulations Reddy Arts Textile Group,

    We went to the Pine Rivers Gallery on Saturday, and really enjoyed your diverse, creative, and inspirational, work. It is fantastic to see how far you have come from your last Exhibition at the Gallery. Congratulations.

    We loved your source of the “ Talking Points”. Brilliant.

    Thankyou all for such a great Exhibition, you must all be bursting with pride

    Warmest Regards,

    Joan Morrison

    Sent from my iPad


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