18/02 Gathering

FROM RAW BEGINNINGS is our next exhibition

Opening on 28th February – one week away! Less than that , in fact. This exhibition is showcasing some of our recent and not so recent yearly challenges that the group participates in as a way to explore new techniques, perfect others, and generally explore the realm of textile art. We either love them or hate them, but they always extend us and we finish each with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with a job done, richer for the experience and all gaining insights and inspiration from one another’s interpretations of the theme or topic. Feel free to come along and visit as many times as you wish, and particularly if you visit on our OPEN DAY 20th MARCH, you will be able to talk to and pick the brains of the artists!

from raw beginnings posterMeeting Day activities

We were all helping Di to sew velcro on to the various pieces of the Brisbane City Scape in order to attach them to the fantastic light hinged plywood base made by Di’s husband Steve, no small favour! Thank you Steve! Once completed, they looked great in place, but I will provide a photo once it is hanging in the exhibition.

Everyone was pretty much finished their Bedsheet Challenge just a few of the girls had some finishing touches to complete. I have a few photos in the show and tell album below as well as what new things some of us were doing. A couple of us seemed to be between projects, well me, anyway. Just doodling on my ipad, playing with design ideas. Jan was working on her next landscape, and is already moving on to her next challenge, can’t wait to start, clearly!  The rest of us lag behind. We are still finalising this one I think…. we have a topic and a size, just the nature of the challenge itself to be determined after a little more brainstorming and discussion.

Show and Tell


You can see Jan’s two works, “Old Man of Hoy” and “Clinker Dinghy by the Scapa Flow” at Bayside Gallery but you will need to visit in person as there are no images of Jan’s work on the website as yet!

Have fun!

About Sue Duffy Designs

A Textile Artist who works in all things stitched, appliqued, embellished and quilted. With a background in traditional quilting, I produce textile wall art, 3D works, and "Artyfacts". I am also known to still do the occasional traditional quilt.
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  1. Jeannie says:

    Hi Sue, Everyone is producing such beautiful work! Would love to see the new exhibition. Maybe Kathy and I will make a trip to the big city. X

    Sent from my iPhone


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