September snippets



Everyone was on form today! We missed Di who was away with the flu, and three of us had to leave early, so who knows what mischief the rest got up to after that! We had a delicious morning tea, and spread out our Brisbane Challenge pieces, and they are looking excellent! Colours blending well thus far, and I have some photos to show the progress on this … Donna, Helen, Kim, Jill, and Sue all worked on some aspect of their pieces, and the others doing random bits – Jan was working on her second piece for TEXTile Translations, Brenda is into sparrows….and cake, Alex showed me the lovely birds by various textile artists published in the latest Embellish magazine, Ryl was sewing on a binding…..


Show and tell was also interesting with Helen showing us an Eco dyed piece, also Alex had some squares of vintage onkaparinga woollen blanketing that she had Eco dyed with leaves; Ryl showed us her nifty quilted tool hideaway tube for taking to workshops, a bag, an early (1999) confetti quilt wall hanging, as well as a lovely landscape she has made of her brother’s property, and destined as a gift for him. Jan had her revamped seagull piece and it is looking wonderful! Already framed by her lovely husband. Sue brought along one of her fabric panel samples she designed for the 2Sew Tetraspinner kits which will be on sale shortly!

And that’s it for now!

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August doings

Lovely meeting today, everyone working away diligently much chatter and cameraderie. Helen, Jan and Sue were all working on their Brisbane challenge pieces – Sue just beginning with her Bull Shark, Jan getting her water under the bridge underaway, and Helen worked on her bamboo stand – her palms looking fabulous! Ryl had her piece there,  a beautifully tiled sky background aka Gloria Loughman style. It was constructed from mainly her own hand dyed fabrics. Her Wheel is looking great and I think the whole piece will look fabulous!


Ryl and Kim were both working on quilts – Ryl’s a butterfly panel for her aunt, and Kim was getting rid of some of her stash… Alex was working on her parrot, and Brenda was putting together a new colour wheel of all her pile of new acrylic inks.  that finished she commenced drawing a great little sparrow!  No photos of these, sorry folks!

Show and tell  – well, take a peek at the photos! Plus Brenda showed off her new MOO business cards, so then Sue had to get some of hers out as well! they are great and cheap to have made up as well.


And that’s it for another month. We missed 3 members, Donna, who was away doing a show,  Di, who is at the beach in (I daresay) a mad frenzy getting ready for Stephanie’s wedding next weekend! Jill was also away, not quite sure what antics she was up to….  so hopefully it will be a full house next month, so that we can catch up on these three scallywags!


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Bellbird’s – The whole challenge!

Reddy Arts Group challenge about our Bellbirds Textile Art Quilt display…

Addicted 2 Fabric

As you may have been following in my step by step posts, I  made a Textile Art quilt for a challenge that my Art Group – Reddy Arts Textile Group undertook.

The challenge was to re-create a quilt from some lines or a stanza from Henry Kendall’s poem Bellbirds.  The display was exhibited in the Brisbane Queensland Quilters show in 2014 and then again at Reddy Arts  exhibition at Strathpine in 2015.  My first Bellbird quilt was in the Brisbane show.. with it’s replacement in the groups show at Strathpine Art Gallery.

Bellbirds is a poem by Henry Kendall (1839-1882) an Australian writer.

I thought you might like to see all the quilts that made up the display:

Ratg Bellbird challenge02

“By Channels of Coolness”                       Jan Hutchison

“By channels of coolness the echoes are calling,
And down the dim gorges I hear the creek…

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Barcellos Rooster… Just because…

This gallery contains 13 photos.

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What happens when you are in a textile art group (Reddy Arts) and someone goes on holiday and comes home smitten with her travels ?  in particular the Barcellos Cock, of which she gave us…

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MID YEAR catch up.

So it’s July. Seem to have missed posts from April, May and June…. how did that happen?

In April Kate visited!  we did a mock up of the challenge;  Di brought along the box she started in Kate’s demo last year… or was it the year before?  Sue had her first piece for TEXTile Translations finished …

In May, I was called away to work, and a few others were away as well, so that put paid to any photos.

In June, I did get some pics of our work, and the challenge is progressing…. so here is a gallery of images from the day.

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Sinchies – a Unique Colour Challenge!

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Coming up with unique challenge ideas for a group can be – well – challenging! Too big and it becomes a burden… too collaborative and people get worried and some deviate from the plan… so…

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March madness

Of course, we are all mad. And all productive! I am amazed at how much some of the girls have achieved in the past month.

Brenda was working at some reverse stitching on her Gloria Loughman workshop piece, and we look forward to seeing the final result! She also had a framed textile artwork made for a friend, and a wee baggie to show. It is to be a new mug bag to bring to meetings.

Donna had her Dynamic Directions piece, “City Machinations”, framed during the month and it is looking fabulous! During the meeting she was working on some gift purses to take with her on her next overseas trip.

Kim was strip piecing some black and white fabrics to use down the track as backgrounds. Coincidentally,  Alex was doing the same, in earthy tones.  Kim also brought along her ideas for THE CHALLENGE…. this prompted a few others to also show their sketches, even though this meeting was not the official challenge discussion meeting, and some lively discussion. Everyone needs to bring their designs – (TWO if you can manage it!) on your A2 size piece, just a pencil outline/sketch to give everyone the idea of what you are thinking of doing, to the APRIL meeting. Helen will be back then, to co-ordinate and direct as needs be!

Alex brought along several show-and-tell items, including her eco dyed skirt and T shirt which she was wearing, a pencil case made with ecodyed silk, and an ecodyed piece of silk made by no other than India Flint herself!! That was interesting to see. Her new Dynamic Directions is progressing with the next technique.  Add to all these a magnificent mongolian hand stitched rug given to her recently, what a windfall!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ryl has been amazingly productive with her quilted textile artwork, and a relief picture made using texture paste, paint and paper collage, it looks fabulous and lots of fun. She also made up her eco dye papers into cards, which look fantastic. Well done Ryl!

Speaking of Eco dye papers, Jan has done a stunning cover for her Visual Diary. Jan is also well on the way with her second piece for TEXTile Translations, on which she was working diligently. Her other show and tell was a revamped version of table mats she had printed some years ago of the Brisbane Tower Mill.

Sue is working on the first of a series of pieces for her TEXTile Translations –  these will be based on the dams, creeks and rivers of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales that she and Terry have explored  by canoe –  there is a wealth of subject matter for her to draw on and she is pretty excited about it.  IMG_2395

Di was working on a new background piece using the tiling method she learned from Gloria Loughman’s Master Class held last year at Redcliffe Cultural Centre. IMG_2412

Jill had been away, and was working on her piece for TEXTile Translations getting her drawing started for the background. She also brought along a few Kumihimo braids she has been making and gave a quick demo on how it’s done with the disc. Video is here.  Jill inserts the pin you can see in the photo (at no. 12) to show where she is up to next time she works on the braiding. That way she doesn’t make mistakes. The disc is made from dense foam and is nice to handle. Looks like a lovely relaxing activity for those times one sits in front of the TV…. The king clip is clamped to the braid to weight it and add tension to help make a lovely even braid. IMG_2426

And there we have it for another month! Wishing you many happy hours of stitching and creating!


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Dying to Eco Dye !

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Judy Kennedy is an extraordinary person to know.  I’ve had the pleasure of being a participant in 2 workshops run by her now and they are still the most informative, entertaining and productive workshops I…

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Whatever happened to textile art this month?

It was a hive of industry, at least! and much discussion ensued after the unveiling of the design for our Brisbane Collaborative Challenge.Challenge design There were some voluble interjections and questions, but calm was restored after some explanations and emphasis placed on the need for flexibility and lateral thinking in our approach! If nothing else, it ought to be an entertaining journey. We drew our shapes out of the hat! Not everyone was happy with the draw, but that’s life. People were allowed to swap, if they so wished. No one volunteered to take on the shape I managed to draw out….. Watch this space for further developments!

As to the rest of the day, there was show and tell, and some work done.

Here are the show and tell pics:


and here are some of us hard at work!!



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New Year, New plans, New work

Starting afresh after a pleasant summer break, our group met and made enthusiastic plans for the coming year. Top of the list was welcoming a new member, Ryl, into the fold. Ryl showed us some fabulous work she had completed a number of years ago, and so now we are all avid to see her next efforts!

Watch this blog for more exciting and imaginative work from all our members  as the year unfolds. We have some wild plans for a large collaborative piece as our challenge for the year  – it’s likely to be more challenging than we think, and in more ways than merely stretching our textile art abilities!!!

Meanwhile everyone worked away diligently at their various tasks…. I didn’t get many photos but here are a few….

Happy viewing and happy stitching to those of you who are like minded. Be sure to check back regularly to see what we have been up to.


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