March Mayhem

So chilled out this month, have only just gotten around to posting last month’s pics… oops. Too many things to do . Sew little time. It’s been  crazy.

So good to welcome Kate back in the fold, if only for a day…..

So without further ado, here are some photos…. A Shibori Demo from Alison


and  a few more showinig how industrious we are!


and yet more…. Show and Tell.

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February fabric frolics

This month there was much to talk about including our upcoming exhibitions, more on these later but looks like we have not one, but two, in the offing – late this year, early next year…. we will keep you posted closer to the time, on venues and dates.

We were all working with more or less due diligence, some achieving more than others, depending on how much talking/eating we were doing………

Discussion regarding our workshop was also on the agenda, so we are looking forward to that later in the year.

Meantime, some show and tell photos.

Some work in progress and our latest Brisbane Challenge progress


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New Year

This should be a great year. We are off to a terrific start, even though our numbers were down, as they are in the summer time. two of the girls were away overseas, and the rest of us relaxed with our various creative bits and pieces, and didn’t think too hard about the year’s upcoming tasks! As there is now no 2017 exhibition, the pressure is off a little for the Collaborative Reddy Arts Project………… aka the Brisbane Group Challenge…. the deadline of Feb has been moved to March…. some of us have NO HOPE of completing by the time the Feb meeting rolls around, and anyway I am going to be away………. so you won’t see mine finished…….. until later…

Here is a progress pano – it’s shaping up very nicely!

We welcomed a new member, Alison, to the group.

There was some show and tell:

There is a video  to show the girls at work!  Click Here to see it. A few stills as well:

All very productive.

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The Demise of 2016

We all got together at Di’s place for a wonderful collective lunch… everyone contributed a plate or in the case of Sue, the bon-bons! We all came armed with our Secret Santa gifts, as well. We quickly dispensed with the business of the day, ie the AGM, and it was on to the fun stuff, eating!!! and gift opening!!! As usual, we had a ball.


Photos of the gifts follow….thanks to Brenda for coming to the rescue as I left my camera behind…. doh!! and now,  how will I remember who made what for whom? Lets see now…. Donna received a chook quilt from Kim, Sue received a Moreton Bay folder cover from Brenda, along with a hand made notebook, which included hand made paper pages, plus NZ pohutukawa fabric – very spoilt!, Sue made Di a convertible iron carrybag/ironing mat – something she has been longing for for a few years!!! lol. Jill gave someone a cute little embroidered bag….with lovely cords she had made – Brenda received a lovely roomy beach bag from… Jan? Di made a lovely green and red bowl  – not sure who the lucky recipient was…   Donna made vivid table mats for Jan? I’m not sure about all the rest…. ulp!!Never mind, you all know for whom you made a gift, and from whom you received one  …. it was a fun day, we missed you Kate and Kay as usual!

For AGM news, I think see the newsletter, Kim will have it covered….. or Alex will…… not sure who was doing it now…….. perhaps the holidays have done my head in.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Next meeting is just a week away…. have fun and see you all then!!


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With a new year looming it was decided a month or two ago that it was time to re-introduce a demo/mini workshop each month to refresh our technique skills or indeed to even learn a few new ones! So Sue kicked this off with a repeat of the May 2011 demo on how to make faux leather from brown paper. We had fun! there were a number of glue solution (Aquadhere 1: 3 water) applications to A4 sized sheets of brown paper of varying thicknesses…. some were coated on both sides,or glued together in the case of the thinner sheets, which were pegged to a portable clothes line to dry in the sun – and other sheets left without the glue application. While the glue sheets were drying, we got stuck in and crumpled and crumpled and crumpled until our hands tired…. then we brought in the now dry glue coated stiffer sheets and crumpled and crumpled and  re-crumpled…… the results were looking pretty good. We found that the more we crumpled, the softer the paper became… The glue applications were variable in their success…. generally we obtained a more open texture with these, but some found the paper became quite brittle and tore more easily, in particular the thinner paper. The untreated papers were softer and finer textured, and thick paper plus glue was a little harder work to crumple…. No “in progress” photos of this stage of the process I am sorry to say!

Once the papers were crumpled there was a bit of experimentation with applying colour, so out came a variety of paints, pastels and shiva sticks…. lumiere paint was a good choice, shiva sticks needed more work and a long time to dry, being oil paint sticks, dye na flow and acrylic inks were very liquid and tended to flatten out all the hard earned texture, but this resolved itself as the paper dried. Rub n buff was another application to highlight the higher areas of the texture achieved.


I have turned my few pieces into samples for future reference – the plan being to start a reference book of technique samples for the group to refer to in the future, should anyone wish to do so. Can’t wait to see what everyone else is doing with their pieces! Here are some pics of the sample pages I have done, and also a couple of images showing articles made utilising the faux leather .

MOVING ON, we had show and tell of sorts, which was a little sparse but interesting – Ryl had the most to show…

After all that there was still our collaborative work, the Brisbane Challenge, to admire and compare notes… we are making steady progress…. Sue and Brenda both left theirs behind accidentally, but they haven’t progressed from last month anyway so no one was too concerned…. next time!

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So another meeting bites the dust. Everyone was very industrious and lots of chatter ongoing. We all – most of us –  brought our Brisbane Challenge work to lay out and some progress has been made… Helen had a few more bits added, as had Donna and Sue  – it was fabulous to see how much Di has done, her house is looking fantastic – sorry I forgot to get a photo this month…. will have to wait until November now…. I ran late as per usual, and then had to go home again to fetch my fish….. would leave my head behind if it wasn’t attached, and I am sure everyone wonders if I haven’t done that already….


Jan’s Wm Jolly, Kim’s background, and Helen’s bamboo at left, sky, the path, and her palm trees…

Everyone worked away industriously but somehow I didn’t get photos of everyone’s work this month….  Brenda was working on some brilliant birds, painting a beautiful Cassowary  – can’t believe I didn’t get a pic. Kim was working at another “sinchie” for Brenda Gael Smith’s weekly challenge, Alex is on a new tangent making some interesting stitched pieces to eventually be joined together in an eclectic mix, and I was painstakingly unpicking … Helen organised a brilliantly delicious morning tea, great cheeses and cake  – yummo!   here are the only “work of the day” photos I got.

Show and tell: I did a little better in the photo department…. but not fantastically. I didn’t get a photo for example of Di’s daughter Stephanie’s wedding photo album, nor of her glorious silk scarves that she bought for a song at the markets……. the photo album was fantastic and distracted me from paying attention to the next couple of show and tell items, sorry Brenda and Helen I seem to have missed yours…. but Kim had 4 of her six inch weekly BGS challenge pieces there, and Alex’s rusted fabric stitcheries….and Jan had some Spoonflower fabric designed by her daughter, Fiona. Ryl had some scrapbooking buttons she inherited from an elderly Scotsman.  Di made a birthday card for Helen, who made a card for me!

Other news for October was that Brenda won first prize in the Queensland Quilt Show Open  Pictorial category with her lovely quilt “Never Enough”. Congratulations Brenda! p1060246

Sue won QQ Best of Show with “Cudgera Creek”.

see all the winning quilts here .



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September snippets



Everyone was on form today! We missed Di who was away with the flu, and three of us had to leave early, so who knows what mischief the rest got up to after that! We had a delicious morning tea, and spread out our Brisbane Challenge pieces, and they are looking excellent! Colours blending well thus far, and I have some photos to show the progress on this … Donna, Helen, Kim, Jill, and Sue all worked on some aspect of their pieces, and the others doing random bits – Jan was working on her second piece for TEXTile Translations, Brenda is into sparrows….and cake, Alex showed me the lovely birds by various textile artists published in the latest Embellish magazine, Ryl was sewing on a binding…..


Show and tell was also interesting with Helen showing us an Eco dyed piece, also Alex had some squares of vintage onkaparinga woollen blanketing that she had Eco dyed with leaves; Ryl showed us her nifty quilted tool hideaway tube for taking to workshops, a bag, an early (1999) confetti quilt wall hanging, as well as a lovely landscape she has made of her brother’s property, and destined as a gift for him. Jan had her revamped seagull piece and it is looking wonderful! Already framed by her lovely husband. Sue brought along one of her fabric panel samples she designed for the 2Sew Tetraspinner kits which will be on sale shortly!

And that’s it for now!

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August doings

Lovely meeting today, everyone working away diligently much chatter and cameraderie. Helen, Jan and Sue were all working on their Brisbane challenge pieces – Sue just beginning with her Bull Shark, Jan getting her water under the bridge underaway, and Helen worked on her bamboo stand – her palms looking fabulous! Ryl had her piece there,  a beautifully tiled sky background aka Gloria Loughman style. It was constructed from mainly her own hand dyed fabrics. Her Wheel is looking great and I think the whole piece will look fabulous!


Ryl and Kim were both working on quilts – Ryl’s a butterfly panel for her aunt, and Kim was getting rid of some of her stash… Alex was working on her parrot, and Brenda was putting together a new colour wheel of all her pile of new acrylic inks.  that finished she commenced drawing a great little sparrow!  No photos of these, sorry folks!

Show and tell  – well, take a peek at the photos! Plus Brenda showed off her new MOO business cards, so then Sue had to get some of hers out as well! they are great and cheap to have made up as well.


And that’s it for another month. We missed 3 members, Donna, who was away doing a show,  Di, who is at the beach in (I daresay) a mad frenzy getting ready for Stephanie’s wedding next weekend! Jill was also away, not quite sure what antics she was up to….  so hopefully it will be a full house next month, so that we can catch up on these three scallywags!


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Bellbird’s – The whole challenge!

Reddy Arts Group challenge about our Bellbirds Textile Art Quilt display…

Addicted 2 Fabric

As you may have been following in my step by step posts, I  made a Textile Art quilt for a challenge that my Art Group – Reddy Arts Textile Group undertook.

The challenge was to re-create a quilt from some lines or a stanza from Henry Kendall’s poem Bellbirds.  The display was exhibited in the Brisbane Queensland Quilters show in 2014 and then again at Reddy Arts  exhibition at Strathpine in 2015.  My first Bellbird quilt was in the Brisbane show.. with it’s replacement in the groups show at Strathpine Art Gallery.

Bellbirds is a poem by Henry Kendall (1839-1882) an Australian writer.

I thought you might like to see all the quilts that made up the display:

Ratg Bellbird challenge02

“By Channels of Coolness”                       Jan Hutchison

“By channels of coolness the echoes are calling,
And down the dim gorges I hear the creek…

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Barcellos Rooster… Just because…

This gallery contains 13 photos.

Originally posted on Addicted 2 Fabric:
What happens when you are in a textile art group (Reddy Arts) and someone goes on holiday and comes home smitten with her travels ?  in particular the Barcellos Cock, of which she gave us…

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